Karaoke Lifestyle Hotel Prague

Karaoke is a well-known form of an entertainment in which you can sing along to songs with the original music in the background. The playlist includes well-known hits which have been adjusted in order to either suppress or completely remove the voice of the original singer. Our Karaoke list consists of many national and international pop songs, including top Czech hits. The Karaoke singer is led by the words displayed on the screen or monitor, which helps him or her to keep the rhythm and phrasing. The term ʽKaraokeʼ originates from two Japanese expressions: ʽkaraʼ meaning ʽemptyʼ and ʽokesutoraʼ meaning ʽorchestraʼ.

Private Karaoke parties

Lots of people are afraid of singing in front of others. You can avoid this embarrassing feeling in Lifestyle Hotel Prague‘s Karaoke saloons. We have four private saloons, each with a different design. Once you try it out, you will keep coming back to enjoy this extraordinary experience again and again. Lifestyle Hotel Karaoke offers two saloons for up to 20 users and another two saloons for up to 10 users. It is the right time to persuade yourself: Karaoke is immense fun for small groups of family, friends or colleagues.

Karaoke with an outstanding sound system

Our professional sound system makes our Lifestyle Hotel Karaoke the best Karaoke facility that there has ever been in Prague. Get over your natural shyness, invite your friends to your birthday party, share with your family members an unforgettable moment of fun, prepare an unconventional team-building event, or just relax. One old proverb claims that laughter is the spice of life. Therefore let us invite you to spice up your life in one of our Karaoke saloons.

Karaoke saloons for private parties

Each of our four Karaoke saloons has air-conditioning, a small mini-bar, a cosy and spacious sofa and a small table. If you do not want to sing, you don’t have to. You can also use the saloon just to listen to your favourite music or to meet your friends and talk with them while listening to your beloved songs. You do not have to hurry. We are open till morning!